Here is a cool example of how print is moving in the future.

What is a print ad?   Print advertising is a form of advertising that uses physically printed media to reach consumers, business customers and prospects. Print ads were once the standard format for creative advertising. But as more and more advertising dollars are allocated to digital outlets, print advertising is seen as an expensive, untrackable, traditional media format.

This is avoidable! You can use print advertising to get your brand out there in newspaper, magazine and other reading materials. How is this avoidable? There is a new type of advertising in print that people are grabbing onto and running with! Its called advertorial. This is a mix between an advertisement and an editorial. It is constructed and designed to look like an article but gives all the information of a great ad! This method works great!

There are many other ways to make print work in your favor that we can talk about. Coupons, deals and ways for people to save money with the ad is a great way to get them interested.

Let us know if you are interested in seeing how print can help your marketing plan.